Monday, May 31, 2010

To Our Veterans ...

We love you guys and gals and are praying for you.

This post is dedicated to my great friend Chris Souza, who died in Viet Nam and who's last words written to me were:
"I'm glad I was born, so I could be old enough, to be your buddy ... Chris"

I miss you, buddy
God bless you my friend, Bob


  1. Thanks so much for coming by...I hope you'll come again soon.

    I am sorry you lost your buddy, Chris...but I am so thrilled that you were blessed to have such a good friend, and visa versa. :)
    Oh, and i meant to ask if you clicked on the gift card at the top of my blog. I am giving $60.00 gift card to use at CSN ONLINE STORES and they have so many different things. I would love for you to have a chance to win. The drawing is on Tuesday night with announcement of winner on Wed. morning. GOOD LUCK !

  2. The whole concept of Troops Serving overseas, the Forces, freedom, reasons, loss in all its forms is difficult to get my head around. Not from disagreeing with the principle, because in this fallen world disagreements turn to war and the 'little people' have to be stood up for...but because I am two generations away from the last person in my family who saved, and, as I've said before, Ireland has for long been a neutral country. All I can do is salute the bravery of those who serve, those who have served, thouse who put their service where ther conviction is, those who are families to the ones in the field....and NEVER EVER take my freedom for granted. Someone, somewhere laid their life down for it, from Jesus Christ down through the ages to the soldier who is out there today.

  3. Praise God for all the mighty men and women, who serve our country! What a beautiful tribute to them and your friend! (and your friend to you in his own words)! May God protect all who are serving! May God greet all who have given their lives for freedom! May we all be free in Christ Jesus!

    Blessings Bob and thanks for your visit to The Power of Your Love...I am just one of the team!
    May Our Lord bless and keep you as you continue sharing His Truth and His Grace! Love the videos! Thanks!

  4. What a beautiful tribute! God bless all our men and women who serve or have served in the armed forces!

  5. I've passed on to you The Versatile Blog Award.
    Congrats. Please see my post from today for more info.