Thursday, September 9, 2010

Unvarnished Truth

How do we answer out of control Unions? The Truth ... Unvarnished.

NJ Gov. Christie Clashes with Teacher at Town Hall

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is known for telling it like he sees it. At a town hall meeting yesterday in Raritan, NJ, he made sure to bolster that reputation. The fireworks start in the beginning and go until about 1:53.

Governor Christie explains how the teacher‘s union in the state refused to compromise to save the state’s crucial education dollars and the specific facts that are often not explained in the multi-million dollar ads bought by the teachers unions. The reality is that the union brought their lay offs on themselves by refusing to be reasonable.



  1. I loved watching this, thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. Bob -

    I've heard much about Governor Christie's direct approach to government, but after listening to him on this video, I'm stunned. This man is a leader, and I can only hope that others like him run for office this year and win.

    As for Governor Christie, do you think he would be willing to move to Iowa? Hoping. :)

  3. This video shows the difference between political correctness and honesty. You would never get straight talk and honesty like this from a politician. Christie for President!