Monday, November 1, 2010

The Silent Majority Responds

There are many different problems that are challenging Americans in today's complex world. Of course the threat of Islamic Jihadists is a most pressing concern that although we have managed to keep the fight at a distance for the most part ... there are millions of fanatics worldwide who have vowed to kill us all and destroy our way of life.

And our downward trending economy is an all encompassing problem that cannot be ignored. The real estate building, sales, lending, and all other related industries have for the most part been destroyed for the next decade, at the very least.

The problems suffered by millions of Americans as a result of the ever increasing cost of health care have divided our country, with the ruling party deciding to force their solution on all of us whether we like it or want it or not. Those of us who do not agree are referred to as enemies by the president wh sold himself as a uniter ... what a joke.

The social costs of illegal immigration are pressing the resources of our states to the limit. College costs are spiraling out of control, and our hopes for the future of our next generation have been greatly diminished. I recently learned that the cost of a four year college education for today's elementary school children will rise to a horrific total of $280,000. Only one graphic example of the results of all of this wasteful spending by our politicians in Washington and state government. The current leaders continually ignore these realities.

With the near depletion of our social security system, and the threat of increased taxes from every direction ... what are responsible Americans to do? Retirement plans that once seemed substantial have been reduced to memories of what might have been. What answers have we received to these problems? None.

Of course there are a multitude of secondary issues such as illegal drugs, global warming, gay rights, and animal rights ... etc. that continue to compete for the attention of the politicians who supposedly represent us. I am sure that I have left out a number of important problems, but I hope you get my point.

The politicians spend the majority of their time in office listening to these various groups who pretend to represent the people, in hopes of raising financial support for their next election. A friend of mine recently explained to me that if a candidate for a position on the Long Beach school board does not buy into the teachers union agenda, he must be able to raise $300,000 in order to stand firm for a plan for positive change ... one that puts the needs of our children first. On a higher level, for the rare candidate out there like Meg Whitman who is able to put $150 million of their own money up in order to present a positive challenge for change ... the system is prepared to raise $300 million to maintain the corrupt phony systems. Whitmans opponent Jerry Brown stands ready to meet with the unions after the election to plan the pay back for all the money ... if he wins.

So what to a large degree do most politicians do to insulate themselves from this ugly mess? Provide themselves with a $180K retirement for life, and then submit to the highest bidders promoting an agenda for dollars ... while then they dodge and weave until the real people finally wise up ... and kick the bums out.

And what has all of this led us to on the night before the election? Those in control had a trillion dollars in stimulus money that could have been used to stimulate new jobs, as they promised. If that had been their goal, the results would have been overwhelming! Instead, they decided to repay the various unions for their past and future votes. They then tried a quickie two step by saying a saved union job is the same as a new job created. An enormous lie. Why? because a job saved is only union job and pension saved at an enormous cost. Anyone with a brain knows that five private sector jobs could have been created for everyone of these expensive union jobs. If they cared about the American people, they could have easily used this money to stimulate new jobs as promised. It is important to note here that the unemployment numbers are greatly underestimated. The truth is that only those collecting unemployment benefits are considered in the governments numbers. The actual unemployment considering all America adults is now estimated at 25.5%. This is a disgrace. The facts speak louder than words. They have lied to all Americans. Watch the attached clip ... the truth is not up for dispute. Vote accordingly. The silent majority needs to put all politicians on notice.

God Bless you my friends, Bob


  1. I guess we will find out tonight which way the people of the US are swaying. I for one, will be glued to the TV hoping that the two Canadian stations off air will carry some of it. I Gave up on Satellite TV because of the incredible amount of crap that is on those stations.

  2. Bob -

    I would have loved to have been around back in the days of our forefathers when they actually prayed and sought God's guidance and direction for our nation. We need more leaders like that.

    I actually heard from my senator in Iowa, Chuck Grassley quote Scripture and asked for prayers that he would be an effective leader. Now that's the kind of people we need in government. Though Grassley is a long-term Senator, I generally believe that serving in government should not be made a career. But in his case, I make an exception, right or wrong.

    I do hope and pray that God does bring about a change in our government. We need leaders to help us look to God as our forefathers did and seek His providence.

    Great post! God bless!

  3. We all need to pray for our Nation.