Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Easy Choice

Unless the LORD builds the house,
They labor in vain who build it;

Unless the LORD guards the city,
The watchman keeps awake in vain. 

Psalms 127:1

A number of years ago, my father in law said to me; 
“there are two things that I don’t like to discuss: Politics and Religion”

 “Well Joe ... then we’ve got a problem, I quickly replied.” 

“What’s that" he asked?  

“Those are my two favorite subjects, I laughingly answered.”

As I’ve grown older and hopefully wiser, I now better understand where Joe was coming from. He had been worn down by the ongoing hypocrisy and deceptions promoted by politicians, religions, and religious leaders. 

Biblical Christianity is about a relationship with the Savior and Lord of all ... 
and not about the religions, philosophies, and various teachings that were created by mere men. Christianity is eternal salvation for anyone who trust Christ based upon the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross ... and not rules and dogma created by men or religions.

Here is the rub ... it is impossible to be politically correct and practice tolerance for false teachings that are leading our citizens off a cliff morally, and eternally; and at the same time stand for God's Truth. 

I can tolerate and fight for another's right to believe in foolishness; but I can never call it Truth ... there is only one Truth. 

Unfortunately, the foolishness is out of control and is about to destroy our country and our children's future if we don't challenge it now. 

There are many issues, fighting radical Islam is a key priority; but the environmentalists, and the Marxists may well bring America down from within.

Religion and Politics are surely no longer my favorite subjects ... not since October 20, 1980 when I prayed for the Creator to become the Lord and Savior of my life. In fact, I created Religiolitics so that I could separate the discussion of this foolishness from Paradox Principles where I desire to focus on Biblical Christianity and God’s Truth. Subtle deceptions, outright lies, and hypocrisy are common practices in both Politics and Religion. 

But this year with our nation in the balance ... we must all stand for the Truth and against false political rhetoric and religions.

Let’s consider both Obama and Romney who claim to be Christians. 

Is either of them really a Christian ... or are they both just playing foolish politics and false religion? 

How should all true Christians and all Americans consider this question when it comes time to vote?

None of us can actually know another man’s heart, and we are not to judge others. Only the Creator will be the judge of us all. But false religions are to be judged. Without question, I am convinced that the religious training that both men have received is a big red flag.

President Obama is clearly all over the map with Muslim training in his childhood; Marxist and socialist ideology in his youth; and then 20 years of Black Liberation theology masqueraded as Christianity in his adulthood.  There is no evidence that he has ever actually read or studied the Bible. Having said all this; it is still possible that Obama has trusted Christ as his Lord and Savior, as I have heard him state. We can only pray that he knows and trusts Christ. Only God can and will judge him on this question. If he is a Christian God will also convict him in his heart of falsehoods.

Now, let’s look at Mitt Romney. He is a lifelong Mormon. A friend of mine recently asked me if I thought Romney was a Christian. My response was the same: “we can only pray that he knows and trusts Christ. Only God can and will judge him on this question.” I then went on to explain that the Mormon religion is not a Christian religion. Mormonism is polytheistic (many gods) and is not compatible with Biblical Christianity which is monotheistic (one God and only one God and Creator of all.) Like oil and water the two do not mix. There are many other teachings of this church I could also point out that are not Biblical, but this one is all that is needed.

Are some members of the Mormon Church Christians? There are many good deed doers. I would hope some are Christians … but most likely then, they wouldn’t be good Mormons for very long. I know you might say; many Mormons are wonderful people and are great citizens; but these qualities are not qualifications for Christianity, except as taught by false man-made religions. Once again we can only pray that Christ has moved on Romney’s heart and that he does know Christ as his Lord and Savior regardless of false Mormon teachings.

We need to continually pray for the direction and salvation of both men. I know this is confusing. But a key point here is that we must not judge persons; but we must judge false teachings wherever they appear … including all churches and religions. That would include all of the major and small denominations as well. And we still need to vote as we consider the views and beliefs that each man stands for.

Here are twenty questions that will help guide you in this critical voting decision.

What quality is most important to you in the person of the President?
Does either man have this most important quality?
What is the most critical issue facing America?
Which man is best able to solve this issue?
What is the most important change that needs to be made?
Which man will be best able to make this change?
What changes need to be made in our public school system to better promote American values and better train our children to succeed in life?
Which man is more likely to bring about these changes?
What does America need to do to bring down energy costs for all Americans?
Which man will make the changes needed to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil?
What does America need to do to put all Americans back to work?
Which man is most likely to get this job done in the next four years?
Which man is most likely to bring spending and taxation under control?
Does either man regularly attend a Bible teaching Christian church?
Where does each man stand on abortion?
Who do you believe is most truthful in what he says?
Does either man appear to know and understand the Bible?
Does either man openly call upon Jesus Christ?
Do they believe in Darwinian Evolution or Creation by God?
Which man will most likely appoint judges that stand for Christian values?

I am convinced that when any true Christian answers these questions honestly, they will conclude that Mitt Romney must be the next President of the United States. This is about the future of America and not religion and politics; but it is about Biblical Christianity. American’s values at our founding core are Judeo Christian values … and Mitt Romney promotes many of those same values. Barack Obama does not.

I realize that I am discussing politics, religion, and Biblical Christianity all in the same post and this might upset some. But that is the point; we must expose and judge false teachings wherever they appear. All churches, religions, political parties and politicians must be continually challenged and held accountable. The future of our Republic is at stake.

And we must continually encourage all to turn to God's Truth in His Holy 
Word ... 
and to Jesus Christ, the Messiah ... the One and only Lord and Savior of all.

For Christian values and for the future of America … forward this post.

God Bless you my friends, Bob


  1. I am 70 years old. I have attended a Southern Baptist Church for 69 years. I was baptized when I was 12 years old. I taught my first Sunday School Class at 17 years old. I teach an adult Sunday School Class today, Sunday May, 27, 2012. I attend church on a regular basis. To all outward appearances I am a Christian. In my heart I could be evil. I could be an atheist. God only knows what is in my heart.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Great article with a tremendous amount of food for thought. Miss you in the Tuesday morning bible study!
    Jerry Wheeler