Friday, September 20, 2013

Encouraging Power 2

And  Jesus answered Paul as follows: 

for power is perfected in weakness”  
2 Corinthians 12:9

Now think about this. God has promised you His unmerited favor in regards to whatever it is that you are praying for. Have you ever made decisions that turned out to be wrong for you? Of course you have. 

Well Jesus knows the difference between right and wrong for you in each and every circumstance.

If we have faith in Him he will lead us down the perfect path. Can you imagine what would happen if everything turned out for your best for the rest of your life? How great would this be? We have all heard: If you were to start with one dollar and double it every day for thirty days you would have $536 million dollars. I know that in our human context this seems impossible, but it is clearly not impossible. Even from an atheist perspective, there are many atheists who have become billionaires without calling upon the all knowing omnipotent power of God. Now if we considered multiplying measures of spiritual wisdom instead of dollars, how rich in wisdom could we be?

Well with Jesus, His best for you will always win out. The question is: will we see His best for us, or become doubtful and lose faith when we don’t get what we want from a worldly point of view? For us to lose faith is the goal of Satan, our enemy.

How wise and powerful will you be in the eyes of everyone around you as you walk in tabernacle with Jesus, full of His Grace and Truth? Jesus who knows the beginning and end and everything in between at every moment is talking here about His power becoming perfected in you. Now while we are still here the power of His Grace is beyond measure. This gives clarity to why The Apostle Paul said:

Paul was fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ, what good could come from this ongoing attack? In Paul’s case possibly his greatest danger was pride. Here was a man who had literal conversation with God. Paul was clearly prideful prior to meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus. Jesus blinded him in order to get his attention, and then gave back his sight so that Paul could complete His mission. Pride is subtle, and much more deceptive than lust. There are many ways a Christian can become controlled by pride.

Paul had been allowed to see the wonders of heaven. There was always the danger that his many followers may set their eyes on him rather than Christ. But here we know that Paul was in danger of elevating himself as well. And if anyone was a target of Satan, it was Paul.

All sin will fall within two categories lust or pride. Paul was in special danger. He was a natural candidate for the false adulation of others and to become puffed up due the special mission and revelations God was continually giving him. We do not know the nature of the attack; but pride was at the heart of it. This could have been someone else teaching a contrary gospel, and who was leading some away from the Messiah. Many others think it was a physical affliction.

What was this thorn in the flesh that God allowed Paul to continually struggle with? Was the attack a literal messenger of Satan?

On a personal level, I have come under literal personal demonic attack. This attack was visual, verbal, and physical. Needless to say, I was deeply frightened. Although this attack happened over thirty years ago, I remember it as if it were today. I seldom mention this because it is so unbelievable for many people, and I do not want to give an unbeliever a reason to doubt or disregard my teachings.

I can only say that the words that I yelled at the top of my lungs brought me instant deliverance and relief. The words; “you have no power over me, in the name of Christ be gone” came into my head and out of my mouth, and the three way attack ended instantly. This was surely a clear testimony to the power of the Holy Spirit for me.

But the enemy is deceptive, and we must be careful to not see a demon under every rock. We do not want to appear foolish to skeptics. Subtle attacks of the enemy are much more likely than the one I experienced. It is more likely that Paul was being attacked by someone who was influencing others away from the gospel and revelations that Paul had received.

 In closing, there is one clear message from Jesus that we must never forget ... it is this: 

For a growing Christian weakness will most likely be a way of life.

My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness 2 Corinthians 12:9

God bless you my friends, Bob

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