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Keep The Faith

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

The earth was formless and void,
and darkness was over the surface of the deep,

and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.
Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

God saw that the light was good;
and God separated the light from the darkness.

God called the light day, and the darkness He called night.
And there was evening and there was morning, one day. Genesis 1:1-5

Evolution Is Atheistic Religion

Why are we allowing this heresy to be taught as fact in our public schools?
Recently a Christian who apparently believes in Darwinian Evolution and I had the following exchange.

BW: I asked: "Do you believe in Darwinian Evolution? "What could be more ignorant than to say you are a Christian and then to deny that God is the Creator of all things and instead embrace the atheistic religion of Darwinian evolution, and the atheistic teachings of the world over God's Truth and His commands? How's that atheistic Christianity working for you? Hmmm ... getting kinda warm?" I attached a linked to People of the Lie.

AC: He replied: "How do explain the human skeletal remains found in major museums all over the world?" "Oh.., Obama, Soros, Pelosi and Reid hired a bunch of people to create molds where they created skeletons and buried them all over the world. And as part of the process they used a technique developed by Al Gore that artificially ages the manufactured bones to fool the scientists into thinking they were tens of thousands years old. Yea, that's it."

As you can clearly see, he is apparently an advocate for evolution, the doctrines of demons. My reference to atheistic Christianity was perhaps harsh, but we have been going around in circles for years now, and my wife believes I am wasting my time here. Of course the discussion never did result in him answering my question regarding Evolution beyond his "skeletal remains in museums" retort. His position as a professed Christian is somehow bound to fight for evolution rather than God's Word. He is quick to point out "I am a member of Saddleback Church."

The following is the testimony of Professor Gary Parker, Ed.D. in biology/geology from Ball State University. Dr. Parker explains his conversion to God's Word over Darwinian Evolution in His book "Persuaded By The Evidence." This scientist's testimony strongly answers the "skeletal remains in museums" or the "evidence falsely categorized by atheistic evolutionists" position. It will be interesting to see what my adversary does with the testimony of this most learned Biology and Geology professor.

Enjoy this one and be sure to pass this along to other Christians; and also share it with those who are stuck on Evolution.

“I wasn’t just teaching evolution, I was preaching it. ‘It was millions of years of struggle and death that brought mankind and all the other animals and plants into being,’ I told my college students. I praised Darwin for being the first to understand how evolution worked. ... I let students freely express their religious beliefs, but would not let them use their personal faith to challenge what I considered the rock-hard science of evolution. I thought it was part of my duty as a science teacher to deliver my students from silly old superstitions, like taking the Bible literally and trying to refute evolution with ‘creation science.’

“The change began when Dr. Charles Signorino, a chemistry professor at the college where I was teaching biology, invited my wife and me to his home for Bible study. ... I started studying the Bible, primarily to criticize it more effectively ...

“Make no mistake about it--creation/evolution is a salvation issue. I do not mean you have to have a detailed knowledge of creation science to be a Christian; I simply mean that belief in evolution can be for many, as it was for me, a powerful stumbling block to accepting (or even considering) the claims of Christ. Paul warned Timothy to avoid the oppositions of science falsely so-called, which some have erred concerning the faith 1 Timothy 6:20-21. Evolution is really ‘humanism dressed up in a lab coat,’ a man-centered worldview that uses scientific jargon to put man’s opinions far above God’s Word (as Eve did in the Garden).

“My extensive knowledge of, and zeal for, evolution certainly prevented me from even considering that God might be real and the Bible true.
So what happened. Well, Dr. Signorino, the colleague who invited me to the Bible study, was not only a superb Bible teacher, he was also a scientist respected internationally for his work in chemistry. He challenged me to look again at the science I thought I knew so well. Confident that science would support evolution and refute ‘4C’ biblical literalism, I gladly accepted the challenge.

“The battle began. For three years, we argued creation/evolution. For three years, I used all the evolutionary arguments I knew so well. For three years, I lost every scientific argument. In dismay, I watched the myth of evolution evaporate under the light of scientific scrutiny, while the scientific case for Creation-Corruption-Catastrophe-Christ just got better and better. It’s no wonder that the ACLU (actually the anti-Christian lawyers union) fights by any means to censor any scientific challenge to evolution! ...

“About that time, I got a copy in the mail of the first book I ever wrote, a programmed science instruction book called DNA: The Key to Life. Up until that time I thought people who wrote books, especially textbooks in science, knew what they were talking about. I had a nearly straight A average and earned numerous academic awards, and my book had been reviewed by experts on DNA, but I knew all the uncertainties that went into it. (Indeed, when I published the second edition five years later, I put the first edition aside and started fresh, so much additional knowledge about DNA had been gained.) It finally dawned on me: if experts in science can write books that have to be continually corrected, revised, and updated, perhaps God could write a Book in which He said what He meant and meant what He said: eternal and unchanging truth, an absolutely sure foundation for understanding life useful to all people at all times in all places!

“Looking now at the Bible as the truly true ‘History Book of the Universe,’ I was lifted out of the prison of time, space, and culture, and enabled to see past the shallow and ever-changing words of human experts to the deep and never-changing Word of the Lord God, Maker of heaven and earth! I experienced who Jesus is and what Jesus meant when He said, ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free’ John 8:32

“I could now look at familiar facts in unfamiliar ways--ways that made more sense scientifically and helped me to solve some of the origins problems that had puzzled me as an evolutionist. As I looked at biology with the blinders of evolution finally removed, the biblical theme of Creation-Corruption-Catastrophe-Christ was reflected everywhere! ...

“... some said that if I only knew more about fossils, I would give up this ‘creationist nonsense’ and accept the ‘fact of evolution.’ Then the Lord did something fabulous for me: a fellowship from the National Science Foundation for 15 months of full-time doctoral study. With fear and trembling, I added a doctoral minor in geology, emphasizing paleontology and origins, to check out the fossil evidence firsthand. I had excellent professors, including some Christians, but all assumed evolution without question. However, what they taught me about fossils made it hard to believe in evolution and easy to accept the biblical record of a perfect creation, ruined by man, destroyed by the Flood, restored to new life in Christ. ...

“At the end of my geophysics unit on radiometric dating, the professor was going over the long list of assumptions required to convert any measurement of radioisotope amounts into some estimate of age. Midway through the list of unwarranted assumptions and inconsistent results, the professor paused to joke that if a Bible-believing Christian ever became aware of these problems, he would make havoc out of the radiometric dating system! Then he admonished us to ‘keep the faith.’

“Keep the faith. At bottom, that is all there is to radioactive decay dating: a faith the facts that have failed. At bottom, that’s all there is to evolution: a faith the facts have failed. Evolution was only able to get a toe-hold on science because of 19th-century ignorance of molecular biology, cellular ultra structure, ecology, and systematics. Discoveries in these fields completely crushed evolution as a science, but it persists only too well as a secular religion protected from contrary evidence by the anti-American censorship lawyers united”
Excerpted from: Persuaded by the Evidence, Dr. Gary Parker, pp. 251-261.


There you have it! What more needs to be said? I have over a thousand similar quotes from prominent scientists, professors and Nobel Prize winners from every different field of science, all coming to similar conclusions: "Evolution may be true in other fields, but in their field of expertise ... Evolution has failed ... Evolution is a lie." Science is religiously promoting a false theory and doctrine. The call by the evolutionist atheist Professor to those completing their doctorate study is deafening: "if a Bible-believing Christian ever became aware of these problems, he would make havoc out of the radiometric dating system!" ... Then he admonished us to "keep the faith."

If you would like to read up on the legitimate scientific truth, you can start right here:

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1


God Bless you my friends, Bob
Copyright: Robert West 2011

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