Saturday, June 29, 2013

Evolution: The Amoral Religion

Have you ever considered why the scripture above is so important? 

Why sure you might say; without creation we are left in total confusion. Or you might point to evolution and say; evolution has proven that creation by God never happened.

Well let’s talk about that … if evolution was true, and creation never happened ... what conclusions can we logically come to?

God’s Word is a lie. If God is not the Creator then he is just another god concocted by men. The Word or truth was not present in the beginning but rather randomness ruled the day. There is no basis for belief. No right or wrong. No good or evil. No laws guiding the universe.

Jesus could not have been there in the beginning. All things did not come into being through Jesus. These truths would also be lies. The word or truth did not become flesh and dwell among men. Jesus could not have created life, if evolution is true. Jesus could not bring Grace and Truth to men because Jesus would be just another man.  And atonement will only work with a sinless Christ so dying for our sins would be a hoax. Although more than just a good teacher, much of what Jesus taught would be demonstrably a lie.

For me if evolution were true, Christianity would be just another man-made religion, and I want nothing to do with the religions of men. Atheism would then make most sense. If evolution was true, living for "me alone" would appear to make most sense. 

So my next question is: how can people claim to be Christians and at the same time believe in evolution?  The two beliefs are totally contrary.

Now here are more thoughts that come to mind. With evolution there is no right or wrong. Situational ethics begins to rule the day. We become the center of our own universe. Laws might make sense for the majority but why would I follow them if I perceived it did not benefit me? There are no moral values in evolution. Whatever feeds my lust and pride would become my law. When everyone grasps this idea, we will have chaos.

Millions followed EST training that taught this idea that our parents and society had lied to us from birth and that they seldom lived by the same rules they demand of us. One only needs to completely clear his mind of this false mindset and then establish a new guiding value. Whatever you decide is truth is it. You are the god of yourself. Truth is whatever you decide for it to be. This results in chaos.

Far fetched you say? Well … what do you think happens in any society in times of crisis, where the rule of law is compromised?  People running wild in the streets, rape, murder, lying, stealing, and all sorts of destruction.

And if morality is created by men ... who’s to say what is right or wrong? 

The majority of the people decide? That is silly. Without God's truth, there is no morality. Without a basis for morality ... cannibalism, child sacrifice, and sex with children are not uncommon. For there to be immorality there must be a basis for morals. The truth of God’s Word has provided this moral basis for society. History has proven that without morality any society will eventually destroy itself.

What you end up with is where a large percentage of Americans have already mentally shifted. Amorality (no morals) is what happens when the foundation of God’s Word has been removed from the training of our children. Immorality is where a person chooses to do something that they know is wrong. Amoral means they believe there no such thing as wrong or sinful behavior. We now have an entire generation that has been conditioned by this “no absolutes beyond atheistic relativism” amoral belief system. And what are the issues of the day? Abortion on demand, normalizing homosexuality, legalizing drugs, attack anything Christian, and forcing the progressive "tolerance" mindset on everyone.

One by one, basic values are attacked. The gay marriage issue is not even settled, and we already have a university professor promoting doing away with marriage altogether and singing the praises of group co-habitation. How long before parents are allowed to sell their five year old girls to old men ... as is common practice in a number of countries in the world today?  What about men marrying little boys? If there is no right or wrong, who are we to tell others what they can or cannot do? Believe it, there are many in America who would like these type of changes right now.

In California, the push is on for transgender boys and girls to go to whichever bathroom or locker room they choose. The values of you and your children are no longer relevant. Political correctness and tolerance for a few, rules the day. The majority rules, unless the majority runs contrary to the Marxist progressive mindset.

Everyone has the right to believe whatever they wish. But that does not make their beliefs valid or relevant. To challenge false beliefs is not intolerant to persons. To say Islam is a false religion is not an attack on individuals, but rather it is a challenge to a political jihadist movement that is hiding within Islam. Islam’s plans to convert or behead cannot be allowed to go unchecked.

This same "false religion" conclusion can also be reached for the atheist, socialist, evolutionist ideology that is now controlling America through the government educational system. Questioning false teaching is not being intolerant towards others. Not tolerating our challenges to the lefts unending atheistic religious dogma is intolerant. 

The neutralization of the values that America was founded upon is an attack at the heart of our civilization.

The Joe Hunt Billionaire Boys Club BBC murder trial demonstrated that when amorality and situational ethics rule the day … it is only a matter of time until unspeakable evil rules the day.

As you can see, evolution is about much more than the evolution/creation debate.

God bless you my friends, Bob

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