Saturday, July 13, 2013

Twisting The Truth

Here are a few examples for you.  Are they true or false?

“God helps those who help themselves.”
“Jesus came to help the sick and poor people”
“In order to get into heaven when we die, we should follow the example of Jesus”

Now you ... true or false? Yes or no?

Many would answer: YES to all three of these questions ... 
and many others would answer: NO.

What do you think?  

The fact is that our personal opinions are most likely stumbling blocks when trying to understand spiritual Truths. These are spiritual statements and we must look to God’s word for the answers.

Let’s consider:  “God helps those who help themselves.”
Well this is an interesting idea, but the context is a key issue here.

Context?  … What context, you might ask?

The context where this phrase is most often used is when someone who believes himself to be an achiever, and who is looking at someone else who is at a low point in his life and struggling ... the achiever concludes: apparently the second man is not willing to put his head down and from a human perspective, do what needs to be done … whatever it takes.  Those who don’t work; don’t eat … so the saying goes. Well beyond being prideful and judgmental, is this view true, biblically?  No, it is not consistent with what the New Testament teaches at all. Get off your duff and get a job. Not bad general advice, but it has no bearing on what God would do one way or the other. Only God can decide that.

The truth is that God helps those who trust in Him … and of course anyone else that He might choose to help. Jesus alone is God. Since we have no idea how He might decide on who fits into this second group; it is wise to trust in Jesus and Him alone.

Here is what Jesus teaches:

Here is another:

Many would say this story is impossible ... so it must be an allegory. This fits in with their human logic. That is foolishness. If Jesus is the God who created all things,then feeding 5000 is clearly not a problem.

Jesus fed 5000 men, and this did not even include the women and children. Did these people do anything to deserve this miracle and his blessings? Did they receive the food because they somehow earned their supper? No, not at all. He provided for them without the people even asking. His disciples wanted them to go buy their own meal, but Christ had a different plan.

And  here is a third example that God and not men determines who he will reward and to what degree. Fairness and getting what you deserve is much different from God’s perspective.

There are many more examples that illustrate this truth. 
You see the Bible is not so hard to understand if we don't read it with preconceived notions. Isn't that true? 

These scriptures don't need interpretation. 

And the scriptures become become much easier to understand when you read the whole chapter with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The meaning of God's Truth is quite clear.

Having said all of this, my “yes or no” answer to “God helps those who help themselves” is both Yes and No.  If you are drawing your conclusions from a natural or human perspective; the answer is: “YES.” And  if you consider this statement from a Spiritual perspective; the answer is both: “YES and NO”. God promises that he will provide for all who place their faith in him including those who do not help themselves. And He also provides for some others as well … for reasons that we will not likely ever understand.

God bless you my friends, Bob

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